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19th January 2014


So my hair has been through a lot. I grow it out and then get temporary periods of deciding that copper hair is the only possible state my hair can be in to be truly fulfilled as a huma; deep, I know. Point being, I’m never truly happy with my hair unless it’s brunette but I’m an advertisers dream. Brittle ends is a constant with me and anything that attempts to nourish and smooth the mid-lengths and ends is welcome to join my hair care club. When Bleach London introduced their new hair colour and care (although limited) range, I knew I’d be rushing to pick up some of their products.

First off, I had ombre hair when I started using the silver shampoo. It smells incredible and Bleach maintains that fragrance throughout these products – it’s a masculine and almost floral scent, to me it smells almost exactly like Bumble & Bumble’s Mending range. It’s insanely pigmented, which is just want you want to remove the yellow pigments from your locks. I found this really lovely to use. It lathered well but left my hair feeling nourished so I didn’t mind using it on the blonde lengths. It did remove a considerable amount of brasiness, but in extreme cases you’d be best off picking up their white toner.

Secondly is the reincarnation mask, and I simply can’t express my love for this product enough. Yet again, I have to use a fair amount of this but my hair is stupendously thick so that is to be expected. However, I would go out to say that this is the best hair treatment I have used. It really nourishes and softens brittle ends and leaves that fantastic fragrance behind. For people who abuse their hair this is a life saver and I would really recommend it. I can’t comment on the breakage defense of this product. I do cut my hair when it gets to that state out of fear it’ll just split further and completely irrepairable. I’d say this is most comparable to the Bumble & Bumble Mending Mask in it’s consistency and effect, but the fraction of the price!

And finally, the mother of all damaged hair products the Split End Fix serum. I find this lighter than an oil but it still needs to be used in moderation. It softens my locks and leaves them feeling slick. Although this will be largely down to silicones, the effect this has on my hair is wonderful. It’s not the best for frizz, the only oil I’ve ever used that’s truly helped with that is Moroccan Oil, but I still think this is great.

Overall, I’m really impressed with the Bleach London hair care range and I hope they are planning to expand on it soon. I think I’ll forgive them for staining my hair blue now.

Bleach London hair care is exclusive to Boots but also availible on their own online store!

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Sunday 19th January 2014

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